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Jeff W's Ritte Vlaanderen

At House of Spin we love custom bikes.  We offer comprehensive services designed to get you in your dream ride, from frame and component consultations, to professional build and fit services, to aftersale race support.

Choose a frame from one of our great brands including Van Dessel, Independent Fabrication, Foundry, Masi, Ritchey, All-City and Surly.  Bring us your hot new Ebay score, or your old pride and joy for a new lease on life. Regardless of origin, we've got you covered.

Select wheels from Zipp, ENVE, Stan's, DT Swiss or keep it local with a set from our friends at Kappius Components. Go mad with your own hub, rim and spoke combo, and we'll build them up strong and true.

Add groupsets from Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo and FSA.  Get dialed with cockpits from Ritchey, Zipp, Enve and Thomson. Finish with an SMP saddle from Pearce Coaching next door.


Building the custom bike you've always lusted after can be a daunting process.  Bottom bracket standards, electronic shifting, hydraulic disc brakes; it's a whole new game.


We're here to make sure you win it.

Note: Whenever possible, please leave new bikes intact in the box.  This ensures we have all necessary and related small parts to build your bike properly and efficiently.

Bikes we've had the pleasure to know
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