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Pre Race Check

Wash, degrease, complete bolt check

Pro Tune Up

Wash, degrease, complete bolt check, true and round wheels, adjust shifting, adjust brakes, adjust bottom bracket, adjust headset

Complete Overhaul

Pro Tune Up plus overhaul hubs, overhaul bottom bracket, overhaul headset, replace chain/cassette*, replace cables/housing*, replace bar tape or grips*

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Professional Bike Services

Including but not limited to
Tune Ups

From Box

Whenever possible, please leave new bikes intact in the box. This ensures we have all necessary and related small parts to build your bike properly and efficiently.

From Scratch

Frame Swap

Rebuild bike with new frame

Face Headtube or Bottom Bracket

Chase Bottom Bracket

Ream Seat Tube

Install Fork

Cut Sterer Tube

Align Derailleur Hanger

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Wheel Services

True and Round Wheel

Install Spoke

Adjust Hub

Overhaul Freehub

Overhaul Hub

Install Wheel

Install Tire or Tube

Glue Tubular Tire

Install Tubeless Tire

Includes Sealant

Wheel Build

Individual or Pair

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Shifter Services

Adjust Derailleur

Install Derailleur Cable or Housing

Install Derailleur or Shifter

Install Chain or Cassette

Install Chainring

Install Cranks

Campagnolo Ergo Power Overhaul*

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Brake Services

Adjust Brake

Install Brake Cable or Housing

Install Brake Caliper

Install Brake Lever

Install Brake Pads

Adjust Disc Brake

Install Disc Brake Pads

Bleed Disc Brake

Install Disc Brake

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Adjust Headset

Install Headset

Internal and standard

Install Stem

Install Handlebars

Road and mountain

Install TT Handlebars

Install Bar Tape or Grips

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Pack Bike

Plus actual cost of shipping

We cannot guarantee delivery times, but will work with you and FedEx or UPS to determine the appropriate lead time.

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Hourly Shop Rate
For all repairs not listed
* Does not include parts
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